This is what we do and how we do it for companies

This is what makes us different
Transparency, uniqueness, authentic attention for you, and value for the money you’ve worked hard for: these four aspects are what make us stand out among all the other recruitment and selection agencies out there. And we can offer even more, such as our innovative ways of working and our unique price models.

These are the people we enjoy working for most
We’re convinced that you achieve the best results in an environment where you feel most comfortable. Where you know how things get done and you speak the same language. For e-people, this means the world of IT, internet and e-commerce. And we often work for promising start-ups and small enterprises where the owner is still in the driving seat.

Do you want us to do this for you?
If our approach appeals to you and you’d like to know more about our services, we’d love to tell you all about them. Contact Bas Westland Bas Westland (+ 31 20 463 4 001) or send him an email at