Fair & Square (intermediary for freelancers / interim staff)

Under the motto of ‘get rid of the margin’, e-people offers you the unique Fair & Square pricing model. Where typically a recruitment and selection agency will add a huge margin (upwards of 30%!) on top of the hourly rate for a self-employed professional, freelancer or interim manager, we let the hirer and the temporary employee negotiate the hourly rate themselves.

Why you should choose our Fair & Square model:

  • better rates for all parties involved
  • fixed price based on the actions you ask us to execute
  • no extra costs for multiple placements in the same procedure
  • always completely transparent, from start to finish, about the candidates in our process
  • appeals to the better-quality self-employed professionals, interim managers and freelancers in the market, resulting in optimal response
  • openness rather than high margins

These are some of the freelance / interim assignments we act as intermediaries for
IT managers, ICT architects, project managers, information analysts, developers (Java, C#, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc., both back-end and front-end), interaction designers and online marketers.