Rapid growth, reorganisations, start-ups: just some of the reasons new functions might naturally arise in your company. But filling this function won’t happen naturally. Because filling a function whose profile has not yet been defined demands speed, vision and expert skills. This makes this kind of function ideally suited for the seasoned self-employed professional, interim manager or freelancer.

Our network of trailblazers can provide the contours of the function in no time. Our trailblazers will lay a solid foundation for the person who will follow them in the new permanent function.

Why you should choose our trailblazers:

  • for a quick solution – freelancers are available more quickly than people who have to give a period of notice.
  • designing a new function demands qualities different from those required to execute that function on a more permanent basis. Which means that two different profiles are required:
    • as a ‘designer’, the trailblazer will be able to get the function up and running, and then leave
    • as an ‘executer’, the profile of the permanent employee can be less substantial, making it easier to recruit the right person, who will continue to find the role challenging for longer than someone who also has the qualities to design the role, and is more difficult to find
  • the trailblazers can assist in selecting the permanent employee, because they understand what is required
  • the trailblazer can help the permanent employee settle in to the new job

 Not looking for a trailblazer because you’re a trailblazer your self? Introduce your self now.