Recruitment and selection

Your business is booming and you desperately need new staff so that you can continue to expand, by building on what you have or replacing what you no longer need. On a permanent or temporary basis. A needle in a haystack or a unicorn. Whatever you’re looking for, you want the best at a fair price! Which is why you come to us at e-people.

Welcome to e-people. We won’t quite lay out the red carpet for you and your IT, internet or e-commerce jobs, but we will introduce you to our infamous rent-a-head-hunter model. In other words: no high fees but a transparent pricing model with a fixed price per action. We’d call that a warm welcome, wouldn’t you?

This is why we’re the right recruitment and selection agency for you:

These are some of the freelance / interim assignments we act as intermediaries for:
IT managers, ICT architects, project managers, information analysts, developers (Java, C#, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc., both back-end and front-end), interaction designers and online marketers.