We shout it from the rooftops

Not literally, but we do pull out all the stops to ensure that your vacancy gets all the attention it deserves. We do this using our SEO-optimized social media package. Wow, sounds pretty complicated doesn’t it? But in pure business language: we make sure that your job vacancy gets the online attention of your target group. And continuing with business language: we can do this for the very competitive price of €2005 per vacancy. How’s this possible, you might think? Well we’re able to do this by sharing our purchasing discounts with you and by making use of a range of free posting options.

Depending on the target group, the vacancy will be published in Dutch, English or even both languages–whatever’s required to get optimal online findability and the best results. The choice for recruitment channels will be determined by where you look for which target group. We reach English-language candidates by publishing your English-language vacancy on:

  • one niche job board (for example StackOverflow)
  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
    Via a paid job post, the e-people company profile, our showcase page, de e-people group and the timelines of our highly visible co-partners and free career discussions on relevant groups.
  • YouTube
    Using three to five videos per vacancy, we create an image of the vacancy and corresponding colleagues + working environment. We post these videos on our site but also on e-people’s YouTube channel.
  • Twitter
    Throughout the entire recruitment and selection process, multiple tweets from the @epeople account and that of our highly visible co-partners.
  • Facebook
    On the e-people fan page, the Facebook-job-app and the timelines of our highly visible co-partners, with a job vacancy visual specially designed for your vacancy.
  • Pinterest
    On the e-people jobboard and the boards of our highly visible co-partners with a job vacancy visual specially tailored for your vacancy.
  • Google+
    On the Google+ page and the profiles of our highly visible co-partners.
  • Instagram
    On the Instagram account of e-people we share a special video and visual of the vacancy.
  • e-people site, optimized to be found by Google
    (Typically in the top 10 search results), including enriched content (videos, Google maps, links to LinkedIn profiles of managers and an authentic job vacancy visual designed by our own designer Nikolai).
  • Partner sites
    The websites of the co-partners in the e-people network, including HEBBES personeel, ICT Career and Finders.