Vacancy: Process Mining Consultant (DataLane)


As a Process Mining Consultant at DataLane, you will be working in a small but rapidly growing consultancy company where the eleven consultants had good reasons for switching from their Big Four careers.  Working at DataLane will mean you will be involved with trajectories for big companies like Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, ASML, and others whose name we can’t divulge due to NDAs.  You will often be working on these projects with DataLane’s strategic partners in their partner ecosystem. 

What will you be doing there?

  • As soon as the sales process with a client demands more attention, you or your manager Lucas van den Ingh will climb on board. You will actively be engaged in the scoping and feasibility of the case. You will assess whether it is a true process mining case or whether the client only wants a dashboard with a few KPIs.
  • Often you’ll start by thoroughly analysing between one and three business processes. Generally, you’ll be accompanied by two consultants per project. A trajectory often lasts 40 to 50 days for a single process. It’s not uncommon for you to be working in parallel for two clients at the same time.
  • The processes that will commonly be analysed are the Purchase2Pay and the Order2Cash processes, whereby you focus on the sales-, purchasing- and finance processes. But you will also analyse IT Service processes, e-commerce environments and call centre processes, as well as client- or industry-specific processes.
  • In the next phase, you will implement the process mining tool (often Celonis, but it could be another one). Examples include linking the tool to the client’s source systems, making the translation from source data to the real process, and constructing analyses. 
  • Based on the analyses, and in collaboration with your client, you will define specific improvement measures to achieve the goals specified. These can vary from minor modifications to work instructions or systems (leading to a significant impact) to a process redesign or the implementation of new technology. 
  • Of course you will continue to be involved as a sparring partner for the client with after care following implementation. This way, you teach the client how to make use of process mining in the right way in, for example, lean or continuous improvement initiatives so that value continues to be achieved in the long term. You will therefore not only take care of the content, but you will maintain the relation with the client, so that you can identify new opportunities.
  • In addition to advisory trajectories, you will also be given the opportunity to organise events for clients – and we don’t expect you to invoice the client for every investment you make.


DataLane is the thorn in the side of the Big Four as far as Process Mining and Data Science expertise is concerned. The professionals at DataLane have more than eight years’ experience in implementing process mining to achieve improvements in the processes of big international companies. With their offices in Den Bosch (the Netherlands) and Verona (Italy), their ecosystems of strategic international partners, and their partnership with Celonis, they are able to take a big slice of the international consultancy market for business transformation with their process mining expertise. The fact that major companies like Coca-Cola, T-Mobile and ASML take them seriously perhaps means that it’s time you did too.


Your education and experience:

  • You are able to work and think at a minimum of university level (even though you may not have a degree to show for it). You will need this level to be able to analyse the complex projects you will be taking on at DataLane. Your colleagues are qualified in, amongst others, Econometrics, (Technical) Business Administration, Operations Research, Informatics, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science.
  • You’ve got at least two years’ experience as a consultant and project manager and have had the opportunity to work within different companies. Oh yes, if you were the one delegated to making the PowerPoints and presenting your colleagues’ work, you might be better off applying elsewhere…
  • You prefer to have some depth in your toolkit, so you’ve really become the go-to expert in one or more powerful tools, and we don’t mean Visio, but, for example, PowerBI, Celonis or another analysis or processing mining tool.
  • Some experience with skiing or snowboarding is preferred (we’ll explain this a little later)!

Your expertise:

  • DataLane works for major international companies, so you’ll need to be able to communicate just as effectively in English as in your native language. What that native language is doesn’t really matter to DataLane.
  • Some basic programming skills in SQL, Python or Java come in really handy in this job.

Your personality:

  • Thinking logically and analysing and thinking in terms of processes is something you do intuitively. Complex puzzles? You love them!
  • You’re the type who’s always learning, when it comes to accumulating knowledge there’s no limit to your appetite, and you want to apply this new knowledge immediately by trying out new things.
  • You’re not a hyper specialist, with their head buried in their laptop, but someone who actively seeks and maintains contact with the client, both with the professionals who work with the processes you are analysing and with the managers responsible for them.


As Process Mining Consultant at DataLane in Den Bosch or Verona, you will be working for one of the coolest Process Mining consultancy “boutiques” in the Netherlands and Italy. Many of your colleagues have traded in a job at one of the Big Four for a career at DataLane, and for good reason! 

Because these are the key terms of employment:

  • A permanent salary, depending on your experience, ranging between EUR 3,000 – 5,000 gross per month.
  • In addition, you will receive an individual bonus and profit sharing (proportionately, according to a formula based on experience), which will make the total package more than market-compliant. 
  • A pension contribution with which you can arrange your own pension.
  • A company car of course (or travel allowance), company laptop and telephone.
  • Twenty-five vacation days and as an additional bonus, December 24 and 31 free. 
  • Team outings on a regular basis to get to know your colleagues better, for example, stand up paddle boarding, escape rooms or sail trips.
  • As soon as Covid allows: an annual ski trip.


  • A super steep learning curve including abundant training opportunities. 
  • A lot of freedom, in addition to working in the office and on the client’s premises, the opportunity to work from home or… wherever… in the future. You will also have the possibility to work on a temporary basis from Den Bosch.
  • Smart colleagues.
  • In 2022, a brand new office, if you decide to work in the Netherlands (see the video next to this text).

What you won’t have to deal with:

  • Micro management 
  • Senior colleagues who steal your glory


Cool job ad don’t you think?! If you’re convinced that you are the Process Mining Consultant for DataLane: apply now. How? By uploading your CV or making use of the “apply with LinkedIn” button. `

Why? That’s a question you’ll need to answer yourself, by uploading your motivation letter via ‘extra document’.

What you can expect in the application procedure:

  • A videocall with me 
  • A ‘getting to know each other’ chat at DataLane (do we have a match?)
  • DataLane’s home-made assessment including a review – yes, pretty tough we know, but you’ll get the chance to learn how to work in Celonis, so that’s an added bonus 
  • Terms of employment interview

For any questions you might have about this job advertisement for a Process Mining Consultant in Den Bosch or Verona:

The job of a consultant is not something that’s done 9 to 5, so feel free to contact me in the evening and/or at the weekend.

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