Vacancy: Data Specialist (Holland Colours)


Making an impact with data. That’s what your position as Data Specialist at Holland Colours is all about. Based on your expertise, you will ensure that business processes within Holland Colours can be better understood and managed. You will be creating clear and accurate information for the management team and enabling the organisation to achieve its business objectives. More specifically, this means that as a Data Specialist, you will:

  • Clarify the wishes and requirements of Business Process Owners.
  • Communicate with project teams so that you are able to understand business data and identify reporting needs.
  • Integrate all data from the ‘core’ application, worldwide. From production, logistics and sales as well as from the financial department and the laboratory.
  • Work on optimising ETL- and data warehouse processes.
  • Manage and develop APIs.
  • Play a role in monitoring and improving data quality and data governance.
  • Work closely with the Business Analyst and Business Process Owners and report to your IT Manager.

In your role as Data Specialist, you will be temporarily supported by an external Data Consultant. Together, you will define and develop the data architecture to support the global business.

Holland Colours

Perhaps you’re not familiar with the name of Holland Colours, but it’s a listed multinational with 450 employees in 7 countries on 3 continents. They have been in existence since 1979 and annually supply 2000 customers in 85 countries with pigments, colour pastes and colour granules that can add a stunning colour to 2 billion kilos of products.

The head office is located in Apeldoorn, where, in addition to the international head office, there is also a production location. There are also sales offices located in Mexico, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Hungary and Indonesia, while production facilities are in the United States, Hungary and Indonesia.

The company is characterised by a family business atmosphere, and employees with long periods of service are no exception. All employees are also shareholders in the company. The company's core values are Responsibility, Teamwork, Proactiveness, Competence and Accountability. Having launched a strategic change programme in 2018, the company is now preparing itself for the future by setting up customer-oriented processes and a future-proof application landscape.


Training and experience:

  • A Bachelor's degree in IT.
  • Preferably experience of working in a production environment.

Knowledge of:

  • ETL- and data warehouse technologies and complex data flows between different 'core' applications.
  • Development of APIs.
  • Microsoft data technologies is a nice-to-have.
  • Data governance


  • You will quickly unravel the secrets of the processes within Holland Colours; you possess razor-sharp analytical skills and be able to understand processes and data in no time.
  • Thanks to your critical eye and strong sense of responsibility, you will work accurately and take prompt action when required.
  • It goes without saying that you have excellent communication skills, but you are also independent and have an enquiring mind. Because to be able to think along with the business, you will have to look for answers yourself and know who to contact and where you can find these answers.


Although Holland Colours is a great Dutch manufacturing company with an international presence, it feels like a family business that you are literally a part of because you also become a shareholder.

When it comes to a change programme, this is of course a unique opportunity. How often do you get the chance to manage an international, company-wide change programme? Not that often, we imagine. This is a great step for someone who has mainly been active in the Dutch context up to now and considers it the time to occasionally manage a programme with international impact. Or for someone who has led large programmes, but has never managed a company-wide programme.

The key terms of employment:

  • A competitive salary between € 3.253,- en € 4.607,-  per month, depending on knowledge, skills and experience. 
  • This amount does not include a holiday allowance of 8% and a year-end bonus of 1.9% with a maximum of €1173. 
  • A profit-sharing scheme depending on the operating result.
  • Once you have a permanent contract, you will receive shares; there is also a share savings scheme.
  • 24 holidays (in the case of full-time employment, you will get an extra 6 ‘ATV’ days).
  • Collective medical expenses scheme, pension scheme (employee contribution 5.3%) and WGA gap insurance.
  • Pre-COVID, it was OK to work from home 1 day a week. We are now discussing the post-COVID policy, but this is a role in which your physical presence determines an important part of your success. And of course, Holland Colours also works intensively with physical production processes.
  • There is a generous training policy.


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