Recruitment and selection

There are literally thousands of recruitment and selection agencies active on the worldwide web. How will you know which agency will find the job you’re looking for? The one that puts your interests first? It all starts with a recruitment and selection agency that has an intimate knowledge of your sector, as well as a mastery of its own profession. So if you’re an expert in IT, internet and/or e-commerce, we’ll do what we know best: introduce you to an employer that matches your talent, knowledge, ambition, and your personality. And vice versa.

This is why we’re the right recruitment and selection agency

  • extensive network and at home in the world of IT, internet and e-commerce
  • no obligatory intake at our site. Skype, FaceTime and HangOut work just fine
  • always completely transparent about the entire process – from start to finish
  • personal attention to you and your needs
  • innovative ways of working

These are some of the vacancies we recruit and select for 
Project Managers, Software Developers, Web Developers, IT Managers, Online Marketers and Information Analysts.